Use Cases

Quickly migrate to the cloud without any change in
process or accessibility.

CloudLanes' policy-based vaulting, WORM and retention locks, fast cloud transfer speeds, and seamless integration with on-premises storage infrastructures, enable customers to seamlessly migrate data to the cloud to leverage its scalability and cloud-native applications and drive business agility, all while lowering their costs and managing their risks.

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Consolidated Data Preservation Platform

Regardless of type or format, CloudLanes can ensure fast and secure cloud exports with complete vaulting capabilities and archival drills at a lower cost than traditional methodologies.

  • All data types
  • Safe and Secure
  • Off-site vaulting replacement
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Backup and Archive

No matter what your backup policies or requirements are, CloudLanes enables you to seamlessly and securely send your data to the cloud, requiring no new processes and ensuring data integrity. Works with existing backup applications with a significant boost to cloud transfer speeds, improved costs, and leverage of cloud native tools.

  • Fast, cost effective and no process change
  • 3-2-1 data protection plan
  • In-cloud data verification
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Video Surveillance & Media

Leverage the scalability of the cloud to store massive amounts of large multi-media files with CloudLanes’ media repository. Leverage cloud native tools such as Media Platforms to search, stream, and provide additional cloud native services on your videos.

  • Campus Security
  • City Surveillance
  • Movie Archives
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File Preservation

Seamlessly migrate your files from NAS/File servers without any breaks to access or view to files. Stream files automatically from the cloud on file reads.

  • File Repositories in Enterprises
  • CAD / CAM
  • Engineering builds
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Hospital Records

Archive sensitive data in the cloud secured with advanced capabilities like audit logs, WORM, secure erase, in-cloud data verification, and monitoring.

  • X-Rays and scans
  • Medical Records
  • Vendor Neutral Architecture (VNA)


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