Writing your Veeam backups to your choice of cloud at awe speed

As companies move massive amounts of data to the cloud, backing up that data to the cloud needs to leverage lightning fast upload speeds that are complimented by security assurances and full auditability.

CloudLanes’ Cloud Backup Accelerator gives customers using Veeam’s Backup & Availability suite the speed and assurances they need to effectively preserve their data in any cloud at a fraction of the cost.

Blazing Speed to the Cloud

Upload at 50 Terabytes/day per Cloudlane VM and download up to 40 Terabytes/day per VM.

Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO)

Up to 500% more cost-effective than other cloud native solutions for the same amount of storage.

Cloud Choice

Rapidly move data to your cloud of choice, whether it's Google, AWS, or Azure.

No Change In Processes

Absolutely Zero impact to the workflows and archival processes of current Veeam users.

Kick your cloud backups into overdrive!

Enjoy lightning-fast cloud backups of up to 100 TB of data with your Veeam backup and availability suite.

Download our solution brief and find out how CloudLanes can enhance your data management.

Cloud Backup & Management of Petabyte Data: An SDSU Case Study

Find out how Cloudlanes can help you speed up and leverage the superior economics of the cloud for your data preservation needs in this webinar hosted by Microsoft Azure using San