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In today's digital economy, the role of IT departments is shifting from their traditional supportive function to a critical component of business strategy as companies across industries increasingly look to them to enable new enterprise capabilities, better integrate operations, and drive digital transformation. At the center of this is cloud technology. But while the cloud offer the promise of unlimited and dynamic IT resources, it also presents unique challenges that IT departments must confront as part of the shift:

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Steep Learning Curve

Building a comprehensive cloud service stack and multi-vendor environment suited to your company's needs can require IT departments to learn additional technical skills outside of their normal expertise, complicating management and impacting time-to-value.

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Lack of Speed

Despite having sufficient bandwidth, the limitations of the cloud storage architecture of vendors prevent companies from migrating and accessing large amounts of data at speeds that do not disrupt the pace of on-premise workflows.

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Complex Data Governance

Maintaining oversight of critical data assets and cloud resources across a massive user base and multiple access points is a significant security challenge that can prove difficult if not impossible.

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Added Costs and Complexity

New security controls will need to be developed and deployed in order to secure data movement and handling while in transit to the target cloud.

In order to effectively fulfill their new role as strategic capability enablers, IT departments need a way to overcome these challenges or risk becoming trapped providing support for inflexible cloud resources and increased governance complexity.

CloudLanes’s Cloud Data Platform

By leveraging CloudLanes’s Cloud Data Platform, IT departments are able to quickly, responsibly, and securely migrate their company's data to the cloud while ensuring responsive local access to critical business data and without changing local processes or disrupting the pace of current workflows.

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Fast and secure cloud migration of on-premise data without any change or break in processes

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Direct multi-protocol ingestion of on-premise data to cloud services and applications

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Detailed audit trails for end-to-end data governance

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Cloud-based segregated data verification

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AES - 256 Encryption, WORM Protection, and Retention Locks

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Non-disruptive implementation



Migrate data from on-premises to any cloud in a way that adapts to your processes and workflows, not the other way around.



Leverage compute and services from any cloud to address evolving enterprise requirements while reducing costs and IT complexity



Enhance IT and data governance with reduced complexity and increased data visibility while fully leveraging multi-vendor cloud environments


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