Thursday, February 16, 2017

Responsible Data Movement In A Multi Cloud Environment

The cloud has promised us a safe, secure, agile and cost-effective computing environment. The question is: ‘Are we there yet?’. For most customers, it is not a matter of if but when they move to the cloud.

For those who have already taken the leap of faith and moved your data to the cloud, I will start off by asking you a few questions: Do you really know where your data is? Are you sure no one has touched it, or moved it, or copied it? Or which applications ingested the data? Do you have orphaned copies of data floating around in the cloud?

Now multiply the problem multi-fold when moving data across clouds and leveraging the best of cloud services.

Well, the flexibility and the agility of the cloud go against the holy grail of data security, tracking, and compliance. Before, you decide to ignore the rest of my blog thinking it is only relevant for compliance data which you may have none off; let me share a customer incident which may change your mind.

Data Movement Gone Wrong

A marquee customer moved 10k files from on premise to the cloud and then across clouds. They did a spot check, and everything seemed okay, till six months later found 300 files missing. Who would you hold accountable? The software, the person or group who did it, the IT head or the CIO himself?

Data Assurance

So, what is data assurance? Let me step back and give you the example of Iron Mountain. You may have seen the Iron Mountain trucks come and pick up tapes around noon every day. They bar code and log everything. They bar code the tape, the truck in which the tape is shipped, the driver who picked it up and the location where it is shipped too. Everything is logged. Everything. So, if something goes wrong, you know what went wrong and who is accountable. Isn’t it time we follow a similar process in the cloud?

CloudLanes provides detailed audit logs and chain of custody of who has touched your data, moved your data, copied your data, ingested your data etc. We couple that with advanced security capabilities like AES, WORM and verification of data in the cloud as your data moves across applications, or storage tiers and public clouds.

-Vijay Ramaswamy


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