Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Data Transformation In The Cloud

As the cloud tsunami continues and data continues to move from on-premise to the cloud, CIOs are challenged with leveraging the best of breed tools and services the cloud has to offer for the data that was created on-premise in a simple, easy, and consumable way. Since most data that has been created in the enterprise, the data formats are locked in by the application. To hydrate this data in the cloud, CIOs are required to literally re-create the infrastructure they have put in place on-premise, potentially fire up one or many virtual machines, and run the same on-premise application to do anything meaningful with the data. Seems like shipping a refrigerator to the cloud to drink cold water! 

The Emergence of Native Data Format
In the recent past, there is an emerging trend of putting the data in the cloud in its native format. Of course, such data is compressed and de-duped for security and efficiency. The ability to put data in the cloud in native format allows the data to be ingested, processed, and transformed by the various PaaS applications as well as APIs for search, Anti-Virus, and others built on public clouds. This is when you are really able to leverage the cloud for its scale, agility and best of breed applications. But doing this today seems like an arduous and nearly impossible task.

Where Is The Puck Headed?
Not all vendors are happy with this trend of placing data in native formats in S3 buckets, as they lose control from their vendor lock-in. From a customer and value chain perspective, the focus now moves from a lock-in that was built for an on-premise world, to data management in a cloud-first world. How do you manage the various silos of data on public clouds or across public clouds at scale? How do you drive capacity efficiency (capabilities like de-dupe, copy data management) across public clouds, while still keeping a look and feel for an on-premise IT user?

Full disclosure: CloudLanes enables customers to migrate, manage, use and transform their on-premise data on leading public clouds.



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