Wednesday, September 27, 2017

CloudLanes Integrates with Microsoft Azure Data Box

CloudLanes Integrates with Microsoft Azure Data Box to Help Customers Move Data Offline to Azure in an Auditable, Safe & Secure Manner

This week, Microsoft announced the future availability of Microsoft Azure Data Box. And we heard more about this offline data movement solution in Jason Zander’s keyote this week at Ignite.. At CloudLanes, we have seen the growing need for such a solution for quite some time. Our customers and prospects will gobble up the early units available at launch. So, what are the use cases?

Long Term Archive To Azure
Many of our customers have many PBs of data in tape format stored in bunkers which are expensive to maintain. As they start digitizing some of these assets going forward the look at the cloud as perfect place for long term data retention. The cost of networking has typically been a big cost in the overall costs as customer move PetaByte scale data to the cloud. An offline data solution like Azure Data Box is a perfect solution to this problem significantly lowering their migration costs.

Remote Workers Generating Data
Many industries like Oil and Gas, and Media & Entertainment produce large scale data at remote locations, be it in oil rigs or offsite shooting locations. Azure Data Box provides a seamless way for customers to take this data and ingest it into Azure for collaboration and processing.

The CloudLanes Advantage
CloudLanes offers a software-defined, speedy, secure and scalable solution for Azure with robust data verification and audit logs. It significantly accelerates the movement of data to the cloud and provides an integrated online and offline cloud native solution for data, archive and other remote workloads which could now also use an affordable offline transport to the cloud.

CloudLanes has cloud native hooks and secure integration with Azure, which makes the Azure Data Box solution seamless for customers.

We at CloudLanes are excited to be one of the partners of Microsoft to bring this cutting-edge solution to market.


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