Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CloudLanes and Azure Data Box at VeeamOn 2018

Last week at VeeamON in Chicago, CloudLanes demonstrated with Microsoft Azure Data Box large scale backups to the cloud in a seamless, safe and secure manner.

Enterprise customers with petabyte scale data sets have been demanding a more robust and scaled out solution with enhanced security and data integrity capabilities. There has been a latent need for a solution that seamlessly combines online cloud migration with offline bulk move of data to the cloud.

By leveraging CloudLanes and offline ingest using Microsoft Azure Data Box we demonstrated CloudLanes can now cost effectively bulk transport data to Azure. The enhanced security capabilities gives customers peace of mind that data is guarded with CloudLanes’ enhanced security approach.

The integrated CloudLanes – Azure solution offer customers the following three key benefits:

  1. Chain of custody
  2. Data Integrity with ‘data verification’ service
  3. Scale out capabilities

CloudLanes’ integration with Azure Data Box allows customers to write data across multiple units of Azure Data Box as one cohesive solution. This, coupled with end-to-end chain of custody and data verification means customers can have confidence that their entire data set is intact and secure.

About CloudLanes: CloudLanes’ Cloud Data Platform industry’s first secondary storage platform built over public clouds with a hybrid cloud approach. Built for data guardianship and optimized for backup and archival workloads, with unparalleled security and built in governance, chain of custody and data verification capabilities. CloudLanes also integrates with many of the leading PaaS components enabling data transformation.

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