Monday, July 9, 2018

A bullet proof approach for a hybrid cloud strategy

In the world of GDPR, security and privacy concerns are on top of mind for everyone. The old adage reads, "You can't have privacy without security, but you can have security without privacy." Well, we can debate the importance of each in the cloud first world, needless to say providing a bullet proof security strategy is a top initiative for most CIOs. This is even more important as data centers continue to shrink and data starts traversing across data centers to the cloud and across clouds.

CloudLanes recommends a 4 step approach to putting in place a bullet proof hybrid cloud strategy:

  1. Encryption at the application layer: Most applications have some sort of encryption built in especially if they span premises and clouds. Enabling the encryption at the application level is akin to locking your house before leaving and a must do for everyone.
  2. Encryption by the storage management platform or data management platform: Many hybrid cloud providers also provide an additional layer of security and offer encryption of the data in flight as it traverses from on premises to the cloud and across clouds. This is an additional level of security cloud architects must consider.
  3. Encryption by cloud provider: Leading public cloud providers also provide encryption for data at rest in their storage buckets. This is a key capability as more often than not your S3 bucket is left open.
  4. Advanced techniques like data dispersion: One of the more advanced capabilities provided by vendors like CloudLanes is data dispersion in the cloud. With such a technique even if the storage bucket in the cloud is left open by mistake or intentionally, it is almost impossible for anyone to make sense of the data as the data is dispersed across many S3 buckets and impossible to comprehend by a hacker.

CloudLanes is a leading provider of cloud data platform with a hybrid cloud approach enabling customers to migrate large amounts of data to public clouds in safe and secure manner. CloudLanes recommends a comprehensive multi faceted approach to ensure safe and secure data migration and long term retention of data in the cloud.


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