Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Are you ready for ‘hyper available future’ at VeeamON?

VeeamON 2018 is around the corner. This year the theme is ‘your hyper available future starts now’. I would have to agree that hyper availability is an apt theme for a company with genesis in the backup space and there could be no discussion about the future without discussing the role of the cloud especially in the conext of data management. We at CloudLanes, have our fair share of thoughts on how best to leverage the cloud for hyper availability and data management. Here are three use cases which should be on your consideration list:

3-2-1-0 Data Protection

3-2-1 is a data protection plan considered to be the best practice by industry experts. It ensures critical enterprise data is safe and recoverable in the event of a major system failure with the 3rd copy of data kept offline and offsite. CloudLanes is the only vendor to offer on demand data verification capability so you can always be assured that the data is always intact. The ‘0’ is the verified and guaranteed data copy. It is guaranteed that the copy is intact since the data left the data center for the cloud journey.

Data Guardianship

Responsible data management starts with end-to-end visibility into who, when, and where your data has been touched, enabling organizations to preserve the integrity of their backup data. CloudLanes's delivers this visibility through a comprehensive Chain of Custody, giving organizations a detailed audit log of how their data is handled and enabling them to enact best practices critical to effective data management.

Cloud Integrated Backup

If you are fortunate to have a high speed connectivity to the cloud or ready to invest in it, you can now dramatically reduce data center footprint by eliminating racks and racks of on premise secondary storage with cloud backups. CloudLanes’ cloud converged storage solution acts as the local secondary storage platform enabling you to backup your data on premise and move it to the cloud based on defined policies.

CloudLanes’ Cloud Data Platform industry’s first secondary storage platform built over public clouds with a hybrid cloud approach enabling enterprise customers to backup and archive their data using applications like Veeam on Azure in fast, safe and secure manner. As secure as Fort Knox, and coupled with advanced data preservation capabilities, CloudLanes offers industry’s most secure data preservation platform for all your data needs. With guaranteed master copy of data always available, and advanced capabilities including data dispersion which make it impossible for any hacker to get access to your data or make any meaning of it, you can always be assured that your data is always intact.

If you are at VeeamON, come hear us live at the Microsoft Booth at noon CST on Tuesday, May 15th.
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