Wednesday, July 26, 2017

All Cloud Connectors Are Not Made Equal

All Cloud Connectors Are Not Made Equal

The cloud tsunami is here. There is a massive move to the cloud with new applications being birthed in the cloud and at the same time, massive amounts of enterprise data moving to the cloud. Historically, however, most enterprise data has been birthed on premise, and moving this data to the cloud from on premise requires some sort of gateway or cloud connector. They may all look equal. However the truth is far from that.

With today’s data growth, speed is the most important factor while considering a cloud connector, after all it determines how fast your data can go to the cloud. For most primarily on-premise solutions, cloud is an after thought. They do ‘also connect’ to the cloud albeit at much slower speeds. Cloud connectors vary significantly in data transfer speeds which is the lynch pin factor in completing the job. Variance of 5-10X in performance speeds is not that uncommon, which means that one cloud connector could take 10 times longer to say download your data when needed. In a recent competitive bake-off, our customer was able to move mere 100GBs over 32 hours to the cloud with an established back up software vendor’s cloud connector. Moving to CloudLanes, with blazing speeds of up to 50TB/day per VM, he was able to zip this to the cloud in a matter of few minutes.

Multi & Cross Cloud Connectivity
It’s important that your data not only moves data to the cloud provider of choice, but gives you the flexibility of moving data across cloud providers. You don’t want to be held hostage by your cloud provider, do you? Connectivity to all leading public cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform is a minimum requirement but more importantly, the ability to easily and quickly move data between cloud providers is a must have.

You need to ensure that the data is secure while in flight and also at rest.  It should leverage best of breed technologies for in-flight and solutions available by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

Audit Logs
Cloud connectors should preferably provide detailed audit logs of who has accessed your data as it traverses from on-premise to the cloud and across public clouds.

Data Verification
How do you ensure your data is secure once it has reached the cloud and traverses the cloud? Does your cloud connector offer advanced capabilities like on-demand data verification without requiring you to restore the data? This ensures your data is always verified anytime, every time, either on-demand or on a pre-set cadence.

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