As video becomes the new media of choice, and ultra-HD formats become the new standard, the limitations of on-premise video management and storage systems prevent companies and organizations from cost-effectively preserving rapidly growing video libraries for months and years. CloudLanes Cloud Video Accelerator allows you to rapidly and securely ingest and move your on-premise videos to any cloud, leveraging its superior economics and rich set of features to manage massive video archives.

CloudLanes allows you to rapidly and securely ingest your video assets from on premises and move it to any cloud in a fast, secure, and auditable manner. CloudLanes cloud converged storage acts as the local secondary storage enabling you to cache and store your video data on premise optionally for a few days before moving it to the cloud for long term retention and guardianship. Once the data is in the cloud, your data in fact is so secure, it impossible for any hacker to get access to your data or make any meaning of it, you can always be assured that your data is always intact. CloudLanes works with leading video management systems offering an integrated and plug and play offering.

CloudLanes Video Accelerator

CloudLanes offers the industry’s first Cloud Data Platform, enabling companies to fully leverage the agility, flexibility, and economics of the cloud in a manner that ensures the security and integrity of their critical data assets at every step.

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