The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

3-2-1 is a data protection plan considered to be the best practice by industry experts. It ensures critical enterprise data is safe and recoverable in the event of a major system failure. It has three components:

This ensures that you’ll always have a copy of your data ready for recovery in the event of a catastrophic system failure due to disaster (such as fire or flood). Multiple copies ensure a backup is always available. Multiple locations ensure that there is no single point of failure.

Offsite. Offline. In The Bunker

Traditionally, 3-2-1 strategies use tapes vaulted remotely for the offsite copy. While the cost of tapes is cheap, remote vaulting is expensive, with costs further racking up due to tape degradation over time. This requires regular, labor intensive recalls for data integrity checks to ensure that data hasn’t been lost to silent data corruption and bitrot. This not only makes the process prohibitively expensive but unscalable as well.

The Cloud Changes Everything: 3-2-1-0

With dropping cloud storage prices, and cloud vendors offering cool and cold (offline) storage tiers, the economics start favoring keeping the 3rd copy of data in the cloud. It is important that the 3rd copy of the data be offline and not a replicated copy from the on premise copy.

CloudLanes Cloud Storage Gateway allows you to rapidly and securely ingest your backup data from on premises and move it to any cloud in a fast, secure, and auditable manner. CloudLanes cloud storage gateway is a cloud integrated storage which acts as the local secondary storage enabling you to cache and store your backup data on premise optionally for a few days before moving it to the cloud for long term retention and guardianship. Once the data is in the cloud, your data in fact is so secure, it impossible for any hacker to get access to your data or make any meaning of it, you can always be assured that your data is always intact.

The verified & guaranteed 3rd copy

CloudLanes Cloud Storage Gateway and Cloud Data Platform offer on demand data verification capability so you can always be assured that the data is always intact. The ‘0’ is the verified and guaranteed data copy. It is guaranteed that the copy is intact since the data left the data center for the cloud journey. The verification service as a part of Cloud Data Platform can be run any time by the customer on demand or scheduled on a periodic basis.

Fast Recovery: In The Cloud Or On Premise

Unlike traditional methods which require you to recall tapes from offsite locations, recovery of data is quick and easy with CloudLanes. You can opt to recover a single file in the cloud or download the entire data set.