If you are like most enterprises, you probably have a mandate to reduce your data center footprint. You may have successfully migrated many of the new age apps to the cloud or many have been birthed there; but still many remain on premise. More importantly the infrastructure surrounding these apps also continues to remain on premise and at times takes 8 to 10 times the original data storage footprint. After all we have heard the adage, for every copy of the data there are 8 to 10 others.

CloudLanes’ allows you to rapidly and securely ingest your secondary data from on premises and move it to any cloud in a fast, secure, and auditable manner for backup and archival needs. If you are fortunate to have high speed dedicated connection to the cloud, you can now dramatically reduce you own premise footprint by moving the primary copy of the backup to the cloud and off course all the secondary and tertiary copies too. Based upon your availability needs you can backup on one cloud and archive the data on another region of the same cloud or on another cloud.

As Easy As 1-2-3

Easy 3 step process to set it up