Responsible data movement with
integrity and assurance.

Despite the promise of the cloud to deliver safe, secure, agile, and cost-effective computing, current solutions and strategies nevertheless expose organizations to security gaps that make it difficult to make the move:

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Auditable Data Visibility

Improved data agility needs to be backed up by audit-friendly mechanisms that provide detailed visibility and traceability into who, when, and where data has been touched, whether it was on-premises, in-transit, or at rest in the cloud.

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Irresponsible Cloud Migration

While data might be safe within the cloud layer, migrating massive amounts of data to it carries significant transport risk, with threats ranging from bad actors to data loss.

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Encryption and Golden Master Copy

Ensuring the integrity, veracity, and authoritativeness of vaulted data requires end-to-end encryption and both retention and WORM locks to prevent tampering, along with detailed audit trails that capture policy changes made even by administrators.

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In-Cloud Data Verification

Reliable cloud-based data integrity verification requires mature methodologies, with integrity checks running in a tightly controlled environment separate from live/active data to ensure that verification services remain uncompromised and authoritative.

While companies accelerate to the cloud to drive greater agility and flexibility, CISOs need to manage the risks that accompany these new capabilities. Any effective cloud strategy needs to have data security and responsible management integrated to enable companies to light up their data with assurance.

CloudLanes’ Cloud Data Platform

CloudLanes offers the industry’s first Cloud Data Platform, enabling companies to fully leverage the agility, flexibility, and economics of the cloud in a manner that ensures the security and integrity of their critical data assets at every step.

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Multiple vaults for Hot, Cool, and Cold storage tiers

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Retention Locks

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Detailed Audit Trail

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AES - 256 Encryption

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Cloud-based data verification for risk reduction

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Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) storage



Manage your data with end-to-end visibility and full traceability through detailed audit logs.



Ensure the integrity of your data, regardless of volume, with comprehensive and cost-effective data verification.



Move data freely to and between clouds with full assurance that it is protected and intact.


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