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While CIOs are under immense pressure to adopt a cloud-first strategy to leverage the cloud’s agility, scale, economics, and security for their organization, current solutions and vendors have fallen short on delivering some of the key promises that they had aimed to capture:

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Cloud Choices

Cloud-locks due to the lack of cross-cloud connections prevent companies from flexibly pulling compute and storage capacity across clouds, locking them out of key resources needed to unlock the value of their data.

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Responsible Data Migration

Current cloud migration and storage strategies cannot responsibly ingest, manage, and move large data sets to and between clouds. This exposes companies to significant data integrity and security risks.

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Cloud Streaming

In order to eliminate the need for on-premise storage, companies don't just need to migrate their data to the cloud, but also have a way of streaming it back on reads and preserving legacy views.

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Finding the right cloud strategy to connect multi-vendor storage resources and compute services will be key in lowering both migration times and costs and accelerating time-to-value.

Fresh architectural thinking with multi-vendor environments in mind will be necessary in order to drive an effective cloud strategy that enables organizations to secure and maximize the use of their data without limits.

CloudLanes’ Cloud Data Platform

CloudLanes offers the industry’s first Cloud Data Platform that enables companies to migrate data quickly from their on-premise system to any cloud with integrity, assurance, and without breaking any process, enabling them to light up their data.

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Choice of clouds

Blazing fast 50 TB/day uploads and 40 TB/day downloads per VM

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Migrate data to any cloud without breaking On-premises process or access

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Wide range of backup software

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Supports NFS, CIFS, and VTL for sending tapes, data, and video to the cloud

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Platform built on the cloud with the limitless scalability of the cloud



CloudLanes’ architecture enables organizations to store and compute using any application from any cloud, fully leveraging multi-vendor cloud ecosystems to ignite their data.



Dramatically cut down deployment times from months to days by reducing the complexity of connecting multi-vendor cloud storage resources and compute services.



Responsibly move data to and between clouds with integrity and assurance with CloudLanes' audit trails and cloud data verification for full visibility into who, what, and how your data has been transformed.


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