Migrate data to the cloud fast without breaking
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City & Local Government

Regardless of the type, format, size, or volume of data, CloudLanes enables government organizations to take advantage of the cloud’s cost-effective scalability in preserving public records, whether they are simple documents or large media files.

  • City video surveillance
  • Police body armor videos
  • Backup and archive
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Large Enterprises

CloudLanes allows large scale enterprises to easily leverage multi-vendor cloud environments to preserve and light up their data.

  • Consolidated archive platform for multiple data types
  • Audit trails
  • Replacement solution for remote vaulting providers
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Educational Institutions

In the face of endlessly accumulating data and videos, CloudLanes enables educational institutions to leverage the cloud for data preservation and potential transformation.

  • 3-2-1 Data protection policy
  • File preservation
  • Video preservation
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Media & Entertainment

Regardless of the size of your media library, utilize the cloud’s on-demand scalability for storage and seamlessly leverage other cloud media service components and engines to fully render them for public consumption.

  • Digital archiving of un-rendered and rendered media
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Oil & Gas

CloudLanes enable Oil & Gas companies to maintain full visibility into high-value, geographically dispersed assets by leveraging the cloud to provide a central platform for managing massive global operations.

  • Video surveillance of offshore rigs
  • Preservation of GIS information
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Leverage the scalability of the cloud while guaranteeing the security and responsible management of patient documents and medical records, optimizing data archival costs without compromising compliance with sensitive data management policies.

  • Patient Records
  • X-Rays and Medical Scans
  • Replacement solution for remote vaulting providers


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