Cloud Data Platform

Industry’s first cloud native data preservation &
transformation platform.

CloudLanes Cloud Data Platform

Backup and ingest any data and ignite it from any cloud, or any combination of clouds or On-Prem storage – easily, securely, and with full traceability and chain of custody.

  • Virtually unlimited storage at cloud scale
  • Choice of clouds
  • Ingest to Hadoop, Streaming Services, Data Lake, with no orphan paths and a “Golden Master” copy
  • Cloud-based data verification for risk reduction
  • Chain of custody for compliance
  • Vaults: Hot, Cool & Cold storage tiers
  • WORM
  • Fast data uploads to cloud per VM 5Gbps
  • NFS/CIFS for Archives for Files, Engineering builds, Media
  • VTL for backup/archive
  • Backup Software: DPM, Commvault, Veeam, NetBackup, TSM, Backup Exec, Net Vault

Cloudlanes platform diagram

Product Feature Comparison

Description Backup Accelerator Video Accelerator Data Platform
Cloud ingest to Azure
Cloud ingest to Amazon
Cloud ingest to Google Optional Optional
Streaming read backs from cloud
Cloud verification Optional Optional
Chain of custody Optional Optional
Instant view of migrated files in cloud (TrueFile)
Cloud to cloud migration
Migration from Cloud to On-Prem
Migration from On-Prem to cloud
Independent retention locks for data
Media Streaming using cloud native services
Cloud native search
Ingest to Azure PaaS
Ingest to Amazon PaaS
Ingest to Google PaaS
Cross cloud PaaS connections (any 2 clouds)


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